Continuing my series of looking at some of my favourite images from the last year. You can see some of my other posts by following the link ‘ishoot’ in the menu bar. They are all in there! 🙂

So this week i thought i would look at that elusive model..nope not the toddler but the teen!! *gasp*

Yes i do occasionally get asked to photograph older kids, young adults. Generally they are as part of family group! But they aren’t toddlers and they are certainly not kids..and would never want to be considered one of the old adults. I do really enjoy working with this sort of age though, they really stretch me and i have to put some thought into how to make them feel at ease and relax into the shoot. Some of my favourite images have come about from having a older kid in the family. They are particularly good at getting younger kids to do as you are asking them.

Here are a selection of some of my favourites and some of my ideas about how I got there:

This shoot was for two teenage sisters and we were in a large warehouse type building. I have found that walls are great for teens. Often they are a bit at a loss with what to do with themselves, what to do with their hands, etc. If you give them something to lean against. In this shot she was standing under a hole in the ceiling that was letting some sunlight in! Which was so ideal for the shot as it threw light in such a directional quality that we just had to use it! We got her to stand in the light and put some HUGE shades on and look up to it like a movie star. I love the texture of this shot!

I shot this image using flash! Yes really! It gives a little bit more of a edgey feel to the shot i think. Shot using high speed synch flash at a fast aperture to blur the background.

Adding a dramatic background and using some leading lines for this shot. Again getting a young lad to lean against a wall means that he doesn’t have to think about what to do with his limbs!

Leaning on something is another go to pose i have found that works. It looks natural and you can slap them straight in the middle of the shot, commanding the stage! I was asking this young man about his girlfriends which his family thought was hilarious..he was quite dignified in telling me though, it was serious stuff!

This is a great shot for a teen and also for anyone else really as it is really flattering. Lean yourself and your model against a wall or something similar and shoot along it, you can see how it gives a real depth to the shot leads the viewer exactly where you want them to look. Just remember to focus on the right point!

Always good to give them a chance to ‘cuddle’ their siblings!

Up close. Super sweet portrait shot, in soft sidelighting, i had mum holding a reflector to the right (being really picky i should have asked him to turn his head slightly). I really love this quiet seeming stillness, at the beginning of growing up!

That POSE. that all girls do 😉 But it works really well and again is a good way of getting your model to do something with their hands. For boys have them stand with their feet about shoulder width apart with their thumbs tucked in their pockets.

Another portrait shot, this time with a slight angle on the shot as i took it and ive also added some texture in post processing which adds something. Plus this guy had incredible eyes! I have found as well that teens like the serious look, brooding with attiude. I think its great to let them do that. This guy also cocked his eyebrow in a really cool way, something which probably makes him..him if you know what i mean! lol,

Actually one of my favourite shots! Three brothers. Look at how the littlest one is trying to copy the cool older bro! Priceless!

Motivational Monday


This past week the weather hasnt been too great and so we have been inside quite a bit. Coming up with things to do with a lively toddler is a little bit of a challenge sometimes. When we were shopping in the week i noticed some ready to roll icing on special offer and wondered if we could have a go at making some cupcakes with a ladybird theme. I had seen some on pinterest and thought it would be fun to have a go! 🙂

Our little ones love baking and always get stuck in when they hear the mixer fire up. They could probably all make a batch of cupcakes without much input from me to be honest!! After the baking the fun began as we had to colour the white icing paste..which resulted in quite a lot of red hands and my black icing turned a little grey…but i quite like the finished effect. We used little circle cutters i have for the spots and the face. The eyes got a little fiddly! I dont know how these professional cake bakers do it! Mine all looked a bit squiffy but with a toddlers input it was going to take on a much more ‘fluid’ look!!

She was thrilled with them though and had great delight in showing them to her siblings…met with lots of ‘awwww…so cute!’ and ‘ooh are they ladybirds?’

Phew 😉 at least they could tell what they were!!


Motivational Mondaythe ordinary moments

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The day before, the day before came and went with nothing,

presents wrapped

the day after too, passed by in silence.

Candles lit, carols at midnight

The day itself dawned and crawled by, slowly, with festivities and anxiety.

Not today, no..not today. Let this not be the day.

It wasn’t.

I sighed.

Sighed that it wasn’t that day.

Sighed that it wasn’t a day.

Come on that day.

Come on!

pudding and cream eaten, washed with cups of tea.

More days came and went, a whole seven days…

24 hours of waiting..

seven more night times wondering, waiting, niggling…anticipating!

Slowly giving up and settling in for a long haul but then….


tossing and turning…

becoming breathing and leaning..

phone calls, decisions, excitement rising…

Twinkling lights.

little ones sleeping…still

Kisses dropped on heads, bags by the door.

Ready to go.

The journey.

little donkey plays, then silent night

short and painful journey.


speed bumps.

jingle bells all the way







rocking around the christmas tree.

momentum disappearing

Heart rate drifting.

People running.

Alarms blaring.

We wish you a merry christmas.

Panic starting to flood my veins. Fear.

My hand held, strong words spoken.

Time to get to work.


Game face on.

She arrived. Screaming, full of life.




Our beautiful Christmas baby who arrived on New years Eve.

This post is inspired by one of my favourite writers who I have mentioned before. The fabulous Oldermum.

Also by a happy accident earlier today when i was walking out of the maternity hospital in which i work and i noticed in the corridor a heavily pregnant woman leaning on the wall. She was gently and quietly rocking backwards and forwards while her partner, next to her was on the phone to what was clearly their young son at home. “are you going to go to bed like a good boy now?’ I heard him say. Made me smile a warm, hearty smile and remember my own babies being born.

This little girl of mine was the only one out of five who was late..properly late….and i found it so hard to cope with…we had been expecting her before christmas but she had other plans. She knew what she wanted and when she would show up. A little bit what she is like now really! 😉


Motivational Monday