Its a pyjama party! #stuckonyou

Last year we were lucky enough to get the chance to review a great lunchbox from Stuck on You. It has lasted the whole year of pack ups every day and our little girl has loved using it. Helped that her best friend ordered one too! πŸ™‚ So i was delighted to review another one of the company’s products this year. We went for a less school item and more a relaxed, duvet day Β item and its safe to say that with my youngest it has been a real hit.

It is a sweet little cotton tee and pyjama shorts that arrived in perfect timing for when the temperatures started to go up and bedtimes were a little tricky in the heat. You can choose from different colours but my little girlie girl chose pink. The it comes to the very serious business of what to have as the motif on the t shirt. Be warned there are a LOT of options and so your little one could take quite a long time deciding! πŸ™‚

My little girl was having a bit of a thing with Ice-creams lately..who can blame her? So i guessed that it might be a favourite with her. She calls them ‘lolly-ices’ which is a very scouse term that has taken us a good while to get used to. It adds a real personal touch, choosing the design and the font and gets them involved in choosing which is VERY important part of my daughter’s day. I haven’t had any influence over what she will wear for a long time!! πŸ˜‰

The top easily doubles as a regular tee shirt for the day and i even think you can get away withe the cute little cotton shorts in the day too! Id quite like a pair they looks so comfy!! Soft brushed cotton with a little tie to the waist, ideal if you still have a little one in pull ups at night.

It was love at first sight for our littlest girl. She gets a lot of hand-me-downs as the fourth girl and very rarely gets anything new. Which is fine and how it should likely be in a family with so many siblings. The best form of recycling. But occasionally its nice to have a treat and this little set was most assuredly that for her.

On these longer days of summer its lovely to be able to lounge around a bit more and take your time facing the day and she looks so comfy in these jammies. Though it does have to be said my daughter doesnt do an whole lot of ‘lounging’ at any time of the day! She is full throttle ahead most of the time. Looks like these jammies are well up for that job though!!

Shame they don’t do they in an adult size!! πŸ™‚


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