We went to a safari park this week and the kids were really excited about going through the lion enclosure. We were reading on the way to the enclosure that the lions had recently been getting pretty aggressive with smart cars as they looked similar to their natural prey?!

Now i dont know about you but ive never seen a lion chasing a small, somewhat useless idea of a car across the plains of Africa. 😉

But nevertheless that was not going to be a problem for us as we will not be getting anywhere a two seater car for a least a few decades!

So we felt assured in our 7 seater tank that none of the lions would fancy a bite. However this one guy in particular looked pretty ticked off and we stopped by him for a while as i was trying to get a half decent shot through my window..all the signs say keep your windows up and doors locked. I had never known that a lion can open a car door until today. 😉

As we sat there one of my daughters perked up. ‘Maybe he looks so annoyed because he is fed up of all the lady lions telling him what to do!’

*cue wry look from my husband!*

So what do you think he is thinking?

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Wot So Funee?
Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!

Back to the usual programme this weekend and here is my youngest battling with a skate park. She has been getting all feisty on us lately. I sat next to her the other day watching the night garden and she sighed a little and under her breath…sais ‘oh shut up!’ *gasp*


Id like to say she has no doubt learnt that from her older brother and sisters!!

Anyway…can you caption this and head over to the mamma who is saurus and find some more!

Happy saturday!

Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!