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Our 4 day break at Butlins really taught us a thing or two about how to cater for your market and how to do it really very very well. What we were continually impressed with at Butlins was just how amazing they are at doing what they set out to do..and that is give children a holiday they will totally love.

There is so much to do at Butlins that we didnt really know where to start, but you are given a handy ‘what’s on’ guide when you arrive in the park and from there you can plan your stay. There is really so much to do and the majority of the events, while some have to be booked. There really are hardly any hidden charges. You just put your name down and you can come along. There is really so much for the kids to get into.

The funfair was a big hit with our kids, the height limitations are on the large size. So often we needed to ride with the older kids. But im guessing this is because the park is free and so kids can roam around and go on it as they fancy so they have to have good safety measures in place. The staff were courteous and polite all the time and even had a little bit of a banter and a laugh with the kids.

The highligh for my son was the go Karts. This was extra to ride and he loved it so much that he saved his money to have another go later in the week. Was his total favourite i think.

The funfair has a lovely retro feel to it which i think is entirely intentional..the lovely iconic helter skelter and the large oversized deck chairs, perfect photo opportunities! Inside the skyline pavilion there was a funfair aimed at the younger kids. This was incredible at the end of the day as we were heading home and the big kids got a kick out of taking their little sibs on the rides. There was hardly a queue on any of these rides! In ths skyline pavilion there was so much going on. We saw Angelina Ballerina, the skyline gang (who are butlins celebrities!), Thomas the tank engine and there were plently of arcade games and the girls managed to talk us into a build a bear type teddy each!


We did venture out of the resort and i enjoyed a few morning runs on the beach and couldnt help but discover these gorgeous little lines of beach huts. Adorable. It was nice to get out of the resort for a little bit of fresh air and take in the sea winds. There was also a large park next door to the resort which we didn’t get to go to, which would be something we would try and go to next time!

One of the highlights for my older girls was a trip to watch a filming of I can cook, the popular show from cbeebies. They really got involved and both got onto the stage and had a go at making some biscuits. Which we all got to sample on the way back to the hotel. They were so proud of themselves.





We only managed to get to the swimming pool once as the day we got there it was closed as there was an issue with one of the rides. We went the next day to be met with HUGE queues to get in and the receptionist at our hotel advised us that as it had be closed the day before and the weather wasn’t that good it might be worth leaving it for another day. Which we did. We all went the following day and the kids really enjoyed it. It was still incredibly busy and for our competent swimmers that was fine but with the little ones it made it quite tough. Butlins do offer a toddler only session though in the morning but sadly we weren’t able to get to one of those.

Overall from a point of view of entertainment you just cannot fault Butlins. It is full on, kid centered and caters for all sorts of tastes. One thing we kept saying to each other all the time was ‘ how well do they do what they do?’ By the end of the week the kids were friendly with the people who worked in the restaurant and they greeted the kids with genuine smiles and high fives all the time.

Butlins are currently looking for a new set of bloggers to represent them next year. I would whole heartedly recommend applying. Your kids will LOVE  you for it. You can find the application form here.






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  1. June 18, 2013 / 9:22 pm

    We love Butlins! Mostly for the no hidden cost and total value for money. It’s so nice to be able to enjoy spending time with the kids just having pure fun. I would love to be an ambassador, we haven’t been for a few years. Alas, I do not do twitter!

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