Room 101

I got tagged by a couple of lovely bloggers recently. Havent been tagged for a while so felt like it was time to join in again. AND I get to have a little bit of a rant.

whats not to like eh?

I really liked the show Room 101. I have no idea if it is still showing, probably somewhere. The amount of channels we have now there is a strong chance that at any given time there is a repeat of every show that ever was. But anyway I really liked seeing the things that really got under some people’s skin. Some of them it had to be said were predictable but others were a little bit of a surprise.

So what would I put in Room 101? I asked my kids this question and after explaining what it was we had lots of silly answers like ‘my brother!’ ‘my sister’ ‘school’ (though I think I understand that a bit!)

But then my son came up with Mosquitos as they cause malaria and we all nodded sagely. Good one.

So now here is where I sound really shallow when I share mine! ha!

1. Dog Poo. I was a little reluctant to include this as I have moaned about it a lot before. But really, it is the one thing that can turn a lovely walk sour. I have had, I confess, a particularly horrid stomach bug as a result of dog poo….well my disastrous attempt to clean it off a toddler’s foot with tissues as I had no wipes and I obviously couldn’t wash my hands..i don’t need to say anymore do I? Suffice to say I have NEVER had stomach cramps like it. Also to be fair to dogs, its not their fault. So perhaps the owners who have irresponsible behaviour should be the ones that go in. Anyway GET IN!

2. Beauty/celebrity magazines – I cannot stand the way they force a view of women and the world onto…well…everyone! I use photoshop.

I know that ALL images are edited for print.


and yes that happens but to the degree where you are shaving off inches off people thighs and hips and making out like that is actually how they look? that’s poor.

Those flawless complexions of the supermodel advertising night cream?

There’s no night cream that can do that..its called the clone tool or a myriad of other options that can totally change a person’s appearance

Its rubbish and I hate it, hate that it gives girls a warped view of what is accepted as beautiful. Hate that it gives boys a warped view of what they should see as beautiful.

I loved during the Olympics that the girls that were being paraded as heroines where fresh out of the boat, hair skewed, no make up, real, spirit filled women. THESE are the sorts of women I want my girls to look up to. Not the nonsense of the reality show dropouts.

Celebrity magazines are full of people who are famous for what? nothing? Half a singing voice and being supposedly cute?

What do they show our kids about how they can achieve their goals and their dreams?


They show up, they get picked up and then a whirlwind of people who probably have worked hard in their industry (but you don’t hear anything about) surround them and plan their ascent into reality show stardom.

What about people who have worked hard, survived knock backs, years of waiting and knocking on doors, perseverance. Don’t tell me these 16  year olds who go ‘Its all I ever wanted to do my WHOLE life!’ know what the hell they are talking about.

Your whole life?


That is not what I want my kids to see as success. Success that is hard won, fought for through many battles over the years. That’s what I want to see.

3. Katie Hopkins. Good lord I actually hate having her name on my blog. But seriously I cannot stand her and there are few people that if I was confronted with I would struggle to be basically civil to but she is one of them. I never liked her from her apprentice days with her horrendously bad make up and 80’s dynasty way of dressing. Nice line of pearls and bobbed highlighted hair, sensible heels and shoulder pads that could have your eye out. Exactly the sort of school mum I would make a massive detour to avoid.

But since then she has just gone on to prove herself to be the most stuck up their own behind kind of hateful snob. I actually pity her children and anyone else who comes into contact with her.

Even if its just a very good PR stunt and she fancied getting her face on the TV a bit. I cant even admire her for that she is just the lowest of the low. The sort of mum who attacks other mums for basically not being like her.  If they give their kids names she doesn’t like, if they allow their kids to play out, if they don’t go back to work 30 seconds after the warm newborn is placed on their chest.

I don’t like mums who attack other mums (and of course im not talking big major safeguarding type issues). Parents who just get off on criticising other parent’s ways of doing parenting. Picking holes in them like bird through a vegetable net. Its like being turned on by members of your own team. Its hard enough as it is for goodness sake!

She needs to skulk back into her hole and never been seen again.

Phew that felt almost good 😉

Now I am supposed to tag people. But I think so many people have already done so if you are reading this then you are tagged! yes that’s YOU!




  1. August 22, 2013 / 11:34 pm

    Hear hear! They all get my vote, but especially the celeb magazines. I saw a random episode of Supernanny way back where a teenage girl was developing a few body issues and they took her to an ad agency, took a picture of Jo Frost without makeup or fancy lighting etc and then sat this teenage girl down while they did it all in photoshop – I wish I had it recorded to show to my girls when they’re bigger – there is a difference between playing with exposure and white balance etc and changing reality and that’s what all these lovely girls need to know.
    Carie recently posted…Very nearly almostMy Profile

  2. Sarah Miles
    August 26, 2013 / 5:31 pm

    Ooh, I do love a good rant and you are so on the button. I refuse to buy magazines anymore, not because I believe them but I used to and it makes me so mad that I bought into it and I don’t want my daughters doing the same.

    As for KH….

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