What do you want for Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day falls into one of those holidays that I always like the idea of and then when it gets near the pressure of it gets a bit too much. What should we get? How much to spend? where to go? Can you actually book a place to eat? There is no use leaving things to the last minute though, We have all seen those rows of men peering into barren rows in the card shop trying to find a decent enough card that just might do, settling for the most random card just because they dare not have nothing to give their loved one in the morning. Seems like a bit of planning is always good.

Valentines changes doesn’t it once you are in a relationship or past the age of 18. At school, valentines is a lot more about the unknown admirer and less about the gifts right? It was all who got cards and how many!! I didn’t really like valentines day at school. I went to an all girls school so the few boys that circulated around my small social circle must have felt immense pressure! It was all very stressful!

Nowadays it seems very PC to say that it doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship, you should be able to say ‘i love you’ and buy little gifts at any time of the year to show you appreciation for your partner and not just on one single day of the year!

hmmm…i agree with that… yes it should.

But, and maybe im old school, but i love a good card, be it a funny one or a good old inspirational quote, some flowers and maybe some chocolate or maybe even a chance to escape and unwind by creating a real pamper session at home with high quality body and foot care products

But then on the flip side of that and in all reality a good valentines day for me would be an evening that doesn’t culminate in falling asleep reading the kids stories!! 🙂


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  1. February 7, 2014 / 10:36 pm

    Old school is definitely the way forward. Our ‘getting together’ anniversary is on the 13th though so Valentines does become less important. We do like to do something silly though 🙂
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