Can you live without your washing machine?

Well could you?

I try not to hyperventilate when i think of the chaos that would ensue if my John Lewis washing machine gave up the ghost. It has on a few occasions and i have felt bereft. Like i have lost my best friend.

It might seem a little bit dramatic but when you do at least two loads of washing a day and thats on the weeks (yes i said weeks) when im not changing the bed sheets! Take all the sheets of the beds in this house and you are looking at a sizeable Mount Washmore. We are heading into pre-teen hormones as well so there can be real need to wash certain people’s clothes a little more often than usual *ahem*

As i have such a close relationship with my washing machine,  I try to look after it, someone told me that using liquid instead of powder increases its life and keeping filters and things clean. But one thing i can’t help is something completely outside of my control! Our washing machine lives in our outside garage.Its a few short steps from the back door so on a rainy evening it can be done without getting too wet. But being a bit wet isnt a problem to an outdoor dwelling washing machine but the cold, freezing temperatures can be! We havent really had many of those nights (thankfully) this year but in previous years we have had more than our fare share of sub zero temps and sure enough as the drain pipes run out of the garage and into the drains they froze and no water was going anywhere from the drum.

Cue error message from the machine and start of melt down panic. ‘is that the kids uniform trapped in the machine until the weather thaws?’ or even worse that pair of socks that i just really love….you know the ones, where you hang around to the end of the cycle just so you can get them into the tumble dryer as quick as possible?

hmmm…just me then?

Over the years my adept and able OH has wrapped the drainage pipes of the machine in layers and layers of insulation till it looks like a giant, bloated sausage coming out of the side of the wall. But sadly it isn’t always enough and there have been a few times when my wonderful OH has been out there in the late hours of the evening with the hair dryer and me silently hopping around inside wondering if i need to start bagging things up to take to the laundrette!

Thankfully we haven’t had to go that far yet, although i have had to call in a few ‘mates’ favours for the odd load of washing when the backlog is threatening to engulf us as we use the bathroom.! 🙂

Like i said this year we haven’t had to deal with that..but as with the weather in this country that could all change and we will see a freeze snap into May!!

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  1. A Strong Coffee
    April 10, 2014 / 8:45 pm

    I may have cried when my washing machine broke!

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