How to make beautiful christmas photographs

If you have been around my blog for any length of time you are going to know how much i love photography. My bedside reading is often a photography magazine. Yes i am that much of a geek.

Christmas presents such an amazing opportunity to capture a bit of magic on film (digitally!). There are family gatherings and meal times. Lots of amazing details to capture, like the awe on the faces of the kids on the big morning and around the Christmas table. What about those family board games when grandma and grandad strut their moves in the front room? Not to be missed right?

There are also all the really fun details of Christmas, the candle light, that special christmas decoration, building the ginger bread man and the depth and richness of the perfect slice of Christmas cake.

As we are not in the southern hemisphere…(if we were we would all be on the beach right?)…the light at this time of year is not the best for photographers. Ask any wedding photographer how much their heart sinks if they get a booking for a 4pm wedding in December!! Not going to be much in the way of outdoor shots because its dark!!

A lot of the fun of Christmas takes place inside for most of us and we have to deal with indoor lighting which can be a challenge. So its worth just putting a bit of thought into how you use your camera this Christmas season and of course as it is Christmas you might be thinking about asking santa for a new bit of kit and to be honest there are so many out there it can be a bit mind blowing. Sony make a huge  range of cameras from the humble and useful point and shoot to the full on and full frame DSLR. If you are looking at making a good investment then Sony have a fabulous range of entry level DLSR’s which are really every good. The A58K is a great place to start.

Or if you are wanting a quick shot, in your pocket, on the go with high quality images and movies too then the cybershot cameras are really good. They have a whide range, you can choose a high performance slim look camera for those times when you want to have more than your camera phone with you. Or you can opt for one with some fabulous HD video capabilities. The possibilities are endless!



Top 10 tips to take beautiful Christmas photographs - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

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