tap..tap..tap..anyone there?

There is a fair amount of dust around here, on the old blog. Bit of tumbleweed blowing through and there is a bit of a good reason for that, although might not be what you think…


We moved our whole kit and kaboodle to the other side of world. 10,000 miles of airspace.

That is a lot.

It has been my initial desire to write a funny, witty, sensitive, enthusiastic blog on emigration and how it is sometimes all kinds of crazy.

Which it is.

But then we arrived…

and survived…

and that sort of took all my time.

So its been six months now and just maybe i can get back in the saddle again eh?

For now, here is the money shot right?

What is it, if not Aussie, to have a boy learning to ride a wave, with the instructor fist pumping at the attempt.

Fair Dinkum!


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  1. Talesofatwinmum
    July 27, 2015 / 3:00 am

    Brilliant. It’s so, so hard to find time for anything other than surviving isn’t it?!!! You’ve made it though – well done!! Now to get on with enjoying this awesome new lifestyle. xx

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