I have never really wanted a sports car. I drove an old boss’s porsche once and it just about scared the life out of me. I dont need that speed thanks very much. It would appear however that im a little alone there in our family. Both the OH and my son fall into the petrol head type category but apparently it goes a little further than i thought!

Our year last year was a difficult one from the vehicle point of view and one which continues to be a right royal pain in the backside but i won’t go on about that….just that the OH and I have probably between us complained about the car we have now. Maybe to each other and maybe in front of the kids. I don’t know, you know how it is.

Anyway the other day we were all in the car nearing the house and all of a sudden my second youngest (who is four) sighs loudly from the back seat.

*sigh* “i wish we had a Ferrari”

when i said pardon because surely my little princess, pink and all things fluffly 4 year old had not just expressed a wish for a sports car.

she looked sternly at the back of my head and said..

‘a ferrari, you know! I wish we had one”

Before i could even get words out of my mouth, my son very reasonably responded..

“well i dont think ferrari would ever do a seven seater you know!’

So there you go. Ferrari if you are listening looks like the market for people carriers is opening up! Oh and if you’d like us to review one for you then please give us a shout!

what do you think? squeeze a couple of car seats, the dog and a ton of shopping in there?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Wot So Funee?

We try to be consistent with discipline in our house. It isnt easy! There can definately be a bit of a mob culture and they can opt for a divide and conquer approach which can leave us reeling a bit.

Well there is only two of us and five of them!

But with the usual toddler things i think we do okay though i do accept that our little toddlers have a fair amount of influence from their older siblings where they might be fooled into thinking that they deserve the same treatment as their much older brother or sisters…

But tonight it was pretty evident that one of my little ones is learning a little too fast to get a bit of wriggle room.

She had taken herself into her room to get a book after bath time. I followed her in a few minutes later and discovered that she had pulled all the books of the book shelf.

She looked at the books and gave me a cheeky grin….then we had a little conversation…

Me: “Okay before we read the book i think you should pick up all these books’

her: ‘oh i can’t do that’

me: ‘yes you can’

her: ‘no i am reading my book now’

me: ‘if you don’t come and help you will have to go and sit on the step’

her: *frowns*

me: ‘come on” I start to put the books away. and i re-iterate that she will go onto the step.

her: ‘oh don’t be silly mummy,  i am too young for that!’

and with that she flounced off…


Wot So Funee?


The one thing i really really like about cbeebies and CBBC. No adverts!

Its not because they irritate me on the basis of interrupting a show or the fact that it means that the companies who make the shows are making money advertising dross to us for half the time.

No..its the ‘I wants’ it produces from my kids.

This frequently happens that one of the kids will come screaming into the kitchen yelling my name and beckoning me to the living room to see the thing they simply MUST have. Please. please. please.


Give me advert free TV any time of the week.

My two youngest can very easily be convinced to head back to the oasis of calm no-advert fuelled frenzy of the BBC.

Most of the time 😉

This evening, as the older kids were swimming, my youngest was watching a channel with ads. She perked up and announced to me that “I WANT THAT!”

Turning to look, i saw that she was pointing at an advert for some L’oreal hair dye.

‘Not sure you need that actually’ i say to her…



Time to turn of the TV 😉


Wot So Funee?